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Shamis Art Center
Address: No. 8, Danielly St, Andarzgoo blvd, Farmaniyeh, Tehran-Iran
Phone: +98(0)2122201102

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Shamis Art Gallery

This building is private property and it’s environments are monitor for security reasons. Please be aware of your rights and your limitations.

You may experience different kind of art, from various of artist with different cultural, religious and believes, taste and sociology-economic status. Please be respectful to all. If you have particularly view and opinion, send your proposals to conductor of exhibition, or our official public relation office.

If not advised by exhibitor, taking photos are allowed, with a limited use of flash if necessary. If you are taking a group photo or selfie, it’s recommended to stand on one side of art piece, bigger group, better photo.

Please be very carefully around art pieces. Any damage will have financial and social [duty]. Artists will respect your views as you respect their art. Legal issues will be addressed by exhibitor.

Your personal presence in here is highly appreciated in today’s virtual world. Complimentary services are available. Please enjoy your self and help keeping it enjoyable for other guests.

We are honored that you put time to make visit here and what a better way to celebrate it with your feedback in the guest book.